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8.1 and 10.9

October 26, 2013

There are many OS and app updates recently, Windows 8.1, OS X 10.9 and VMWare Fusion 6 to catch up launch of new OSs.

One of the welcomed new feature of 10.9 is better support of dual monitor the kind of set up that people need in a work environment with Windows network. Before 10.9 your extended desktop is either all OS X or Windows. It’s not inconvenient a 3 fingers swipe will switch OS within a blink of eyes.

With new 10.9 you could have each of your monitor to display the OS you want independently, it’s supposed to work that way.

I upgraded my 2 MBP’s flawlessly, have done this over the years many times, I was so confident that I didn’t even bother to do backup first.

I have Windows updated to 8.1 in my work MBP before moving OS X up, as I need it for work I expected everything to work normally. The advertised 200 new features I never cared.

Unexpectedly new feature turned bad on me, the dual monitor feature broke down completely after the OS X update, I just can’t extend the Windows desktop which I needed for work! Windows still detected the second monitor but OS X occupied it, Windows as an app can be full screen but it didn’t have control over the second monitor.

Naturally I googled for a solution didn’t get much useful links as this may be pretty new. I assumed this sort of setup must be very common for people at work. The culprit must be VMWware Fusion which launched a new version 6 ahead of OS X and 8.1 upgrade hitting the street.

Within minutes and $49.9 for Fusion 6 licence I have two OSs independently on 2 displays. When I clicked the Windows display the second display will smartly switch to my windows extended desktop from OS X. 3 fingers swipe works the same on both display.

The formula is 10.9 + 8.1 + 6 = magic I want.

Fusion 4 and Windows 8 Preview

September 25, 2011

Just spent $49.9 for VMWare Fusion 4, have been using Fusion 3 for nearly 2 years I have no doubt on the new version.

One of the reasons to upgrade to Fusion 4 is that it works, without hacking, with the new Windows 8 Developer Preview just released following BUILD 2011.

The installation was pretty quick about 15 minutes however there was no excitement whatsoever except that at the end it was quite annoying if you try to configure login using your Windows Live credential.

I have briefly read a few articles about Windows 8 and most of them are positive. I expected to get lost as this new version was supposed to have been designed from ground up. I thought it will be fun getting lost or not being able to do or find certain things. If it’s nicely designed and user friendly that sort of first time frustration will turn into wow factors, to my disappointment, I found none!

It’s just a Windows 7 facelift.

New Toy

March 15, 2011

Do I need this new toy, no I don’t, I know!

The earlier model I bought in September 2009 was perfectly OK for me if I don’t use it for work. It’s a waste isn’t it if I don’t maximize the use of it so I poured in more money for VMWare Fusion 3 such that I could run my genuine copy of Windows 7. I’m not that sort of people owning 10 race cars under dust cover and only drive one of them every Sunday morning.

The old model allows me to allocate only 1.2G RAM to the VM out of the 4G RAM available in the MBP. Normally my browsers and other things such as iPhoto and iTunes are running in OS X, you bet right I have other Apple gadgets such as iPhone (4 and 3GS). Most of the time during the day 95-99% of RAM will be used up as I have browsers running all the time. Memory leaks of browsers maybe to blame.

Now this is the top model of the latest MBP 13″ with 512G SSD, financial secretary recently announced that I’ll have $6,000 cash plus another $6,000 tax rebate so that is good enough for $9,340 (500G HDD to 512G SSD) and 4G more RAM ($1,560).

The migration wasn’t as smooth as I thought. First attempt a network cable was used, it failed after awhile. I don’t have a suitable firewire800 cable so I had to restore from my time machine using Migration Assistance. That went well and it took just under 2 hours with around 240Gb restored. After that I had to do the following again which is good security measures

  • Authorize computer in iTunes
  • Enter billing information for my Apple ID
  • Activate Windows 7

Now I could allocate 1.5G RAM to my Windows 7 VM and it’s a lot smoother and responsive now.

The only thing so far I don’t like is that the fan appears to be noisier than the earlier model, I just hope that it won’t cut in a lot.

Last but certainly not least I prepared my old toy following this getting it ready for a new owner.

VMWare update

December 12, 2009

I have been using Fusion for 2 weeks now the high CPU load is a slight concern. Yesterday I upgraded to 3.0.1 upon restarting this morning my Windows 7 was consuming lots of CPU load, the cause as you can see below is the VMwareuser which should have been fixed in 3.0.1


I had to restart my Windows 7 to bring the CPU load back down to normal, hopefully this won’t happen again.