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September 13, 2008

VirtualBox is a free download this is perhaps the last one that I haven’t tried.

I have just tried this using an old image of ubuntu 8.04. This forum thread is a good start. The steps I have taken is not exactly as described for example.

  1. At the end of the installation ubuntu didn’t restart itself I have to reset the guest OS from VirtualBox
  2. The VBoxAdditions didn’t come out in Vista instead I have to mount a CD image on desktop then run /media/cdrom0/ in command line.

In general my first experience of VirtualBox is very nice, e.g.

  • getting in and out of the guess OS the mouse behaves smoothly
  • network is detected automatically during installation
  • graphic works perfectly without tweaking at commend line during startup although you may still want to adjust color depth from 16 bit to 24 bit
  • if you select a screen resolution, say 1024×768, and shrink the VirtualBox window the guess OS resolution will be adjusted dynamically (font/icon size remains unchanged) and windows open within will stay inside the OS window without having the horizontal and vertical scroll bars created due to the smaller VirtualBox window. This is a really nice feature because I just don’t like navigating using scroll bars

I gave ubuntu only 512M of RAM and I see that VirtualBox overall consumes more RAM than other applications of this kind but with less CPU usage. This is a lot better than Microsoft’s VPC I tried earlier.

I’ll also try version 2.0.2 for OS X at home tonight, VMware Fusion will have to give way.