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September 17, 2011



如果你可以把一生跳到最後,化成 23 秒給你回顧,你還會坐着浪費時間去後悔嗎?


看完上面那片以後心中便把最近讀了的這個連在一起。它裏面說的(如果用中文寫可以很禪的幾行便成)大部份我都認同,招數也經常有用到。到底是不斷提醒自己,錯完定會再錯(除非已到 23秒),坐著後悔一定是最錯。

其中一招 G (Laugh) 實在有用例子有淚在眼角流又或者 J (Stop being brainwashed) 就是我常掛在口邊的Theory of The Opposite

作者把一生化成賽跑,到終點,跑完了,過去數十年腦間只幾十秒, 應否跑慢點看看風景?

Boring Etudes

February 23, 2011

Group-mates all said these etudes are boring but I quite like them. Boring stuff, by TOTO, must be good. It’s kind of like long distance running it’s boring but there’s exactly where you can find the joy.

Too bad there isn’t demo CD for it. This is book 1 of 4, even for book 4 this is still considered elementary stuff so I guess there is no market for a CD.

Percy Such (b. 1878), English cellist, perhaps should have made recording using “Edison Disc” at the turn of the century.

Luckily I have this CD by Janos Starker for some pretty hard (to me) etudes.


Body signals

January 7, 2009

I have been too aggressive may be. Since Monday I felt a bit of complaint from my hips then my back muscles. I ran Monday then on Tuesday I ran even slightly longer distance, bad move!

Now I’m learning. Again researched about this and found that this is indeed very common from here. I should also be doing some proper stretching to prepare my body for higher intensity jogging.

At this age I haven’t experienced any back problem earlier in my sports activities I guess I don’t need advice from doctors yet perhaps I need to follow this to correct my body curve and stay in shape while sitting, walking and jogging. I know of course a flabby stomach stops me from keeping a good curve or posture. Thinking in opposite direction problem with back must be due to something at the front.

Reading from here I thinking I’m just getting minor muscular pain so my plan for now would be

  • Alternate between jog and brisking walking, I’ll miss the fresh air if I don’t get out of the bed in the morning
  • do situps before going to bed
  • stretching before walk/jog in the morning

No worries = worries

February 5, 2008

I have enviable figures. Figures that most worry about at my age such as Urea, fasting glucose, uric acid, triglycerides and cholesterol etc.

I did 2 checkups in 15 months all figures look good.

However no worries could mean worries. I recently have heart beat problem which is now diagnosed as Ventricular Ectopics. Perhaps I worried too much recently about work.

This is theory of the opposite again. Imperfection is natural.