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Doing it differently

December 25, 2013

I have said this many times. Most people resist change so we keep on doing things the same way. For certain things, if I could, I like to do it differently every time.

I can’t escape hiccups failure so I tried to enjoy them.

About 10~12 years ago I set up at work a browser based search facility to help myself with mountain and ocean of papers. I published my experience on an ASP Programming site.   What I’ve learned is obsolete, I hardly remember anything, never mind that I enjoyed the learning process.

Then few years back I did that again that time I used XAMPP server stack and WordPress, a popular CMS, as the platform. Everything went as planned and I learned from that experience backing up the database and scheduled backup by running DOS batch files using XP’s scheduled task.   XP support ends in a few month so again I used obsolete technologies.

Recently I’m in the mood of doing this again, the 3rd time.  To do this differently I’m working on XAMPP portable lite on an external SSD drive. However my work location uses DHCP so in case my 6~7 years old DIY computer failed on me I could still run the stack on another computer running Windows OS.   I did struggle a bit if I should be running Linux or XP for this little project, at the end I chose the easier option as I want this launched ASAP.

I’ve worked out a few safety measures such that I could migrate my work easily, backup the whole thing, making it easy to restore things etc.   I’ll post codes separately later as I’m sure these will be useful to me in the future.


May 5, 2012

Too many “CLOUDS” in the sky!

Recently I have tried Bitcasa which offers “infinite storage on your desktop”. I’m still trying out cubby then it came Skydrive and Google Drive.


I will not be doing a review or comparison here as there must be thousand of them out there. My gut feeling is that at the end I’ll be using Dropbox and Skydrive.

The background upload speed of these services are more or less the same, dropbox’s app is more polished as you can set sync’ing bandwidth. Both Dropbox and Skydrive have a file size limit of 300Mb if you upload via browser. For Google Drive I have tried uploading via browser a 2Gb file and the speed (Wifi) is much faster.

The list doesn’t stop here, Amazon also has it, this review says it isn’t good enough.


August 17, 2011

三十歲的不是我,當然是下面這個。 數天前正是它的生曰。



我要在第三份工作時才有機會用過,香港當然不是和美國同步有售,我那時工作的公司是 “天X洋行” 的一部份他們是少數的本地代理,無論有多貴我們也要買一台。

個人電腦給當年上班一族的用途和今天折然不同,它不是用作通訊或運算的,它只是給秘書們作文書處理用。今天不能沒有的 Internet (它也在今個月做了二十歲生曰, 也有說其實它已四十歲了) 要十年後才有,電郵四十年前 (有說法 1965年已經發明了) 雖然已經發明了但基本上商業上有的只是 TELEX。長途電話是要訂的,即是你打給大東電報局說出密碼(還記得密碼是10746)他們給你接通然在指定時間回電給你。

時代變化快得不能相信, 就連 IBM 都要把 PC 業務賣了, 並說已進入 後 PC 年代, 到小兒要上班時可能辨公室連電腦也沒有了, 每人只要有自己的電話, 插進公司提供的設備便能工作。

就連 Google 也要賭身家 (收購價等於 Google 兩年盈利) 去買 Motorola Mobility 可想而知。


this is either the smartest thing Google has ever done, or the dumbest. There is no in-between.

Android 只有六歲但光陰似箭,是龍是蟲很快便知。


April 7, 2011

那個機頂盒拿回了, 如我所料, 是我的問題。

我: “為什麼新的已經有格仔?”
他們: “新的型號是會有 bug 的, 你應更新 firmware”
我: “為什麼我放入一個 $299 的會沒事?”
他們: “因為平的只收一個台的訊號, 我們的有雙 tuner 所以要有好的數碼天線”。

那些 “更新 firmware” 和 “數碼天線” 的說法, 說明書裏的 “Trouble Shooting” 及 “常見問題” 是完全沒有的。

還好當天放假, 到科學園一遊。