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Year end account

December 31, 2014

Well I didn’t quite make it to 1,000km target I set. However I’m still happy with what I have achieved this year which I believe is better than last year.

I have been using iSmoothRun app and it posts automatically to Garmin connect and Nike+, strangely the yearly total is the largest in Runkeeper so naturally I use that as my year end account.

2014 year end

Nike+ here I come again

May 10, 2012

It was January 2011 when I last posted my run to Nike+ . Since then I have used other apps and gadgets for my runs and records are kept in RunKeeper.


Now the best running app iSmoothRun‘s export feature has added Nike+ and Garmin connect. This is great news to those who are using Garmin watches and have logged hundreds of miles in good old Nike+ website. The Garmin ANT+ stick can now be retired into drawer.


I also discovered that distances recorded in Garmin and Nike+ sites are exactly the same as in the iSmoothRun app on my iPhone. RunKeeper site shows normally a longer distance since they will recalculate GPS data sent from the app.

What else do I want from this app?

August 3, 2011

The iPhone is my little running computer, I like the idea of owning my data in it. It’s so handy at times to tease a friend by showing him/her my logs. Don’t laugh, I’m still working on my weight!


The pace and heart rate cues I hear are average figures for the most recent lap (I picked per distance 400m), now with “Workout Ave Pace” I know how I was doing overall. I turn off “Cadence” as I’m still wearing the expensive Garmin 410.


There are a couple more new features I noticed. This “Heart Rate Zone Change” feature is important to me since I have used miCoach before. One of miCoach’s killer features was heart rate zone training. I just feel great seeing a high score after each run knowing that I ran within the zone I targeted. The app shows me in the log what percentage of time I ran in a zone now in real time it’ll tell me when I cross zone boundary, i.e. I may be trying too hard or too relaxed.

I also turned off the “Units in messages” to get cues out of the way as quickly as possible.


The app uploads automatically to Daily Mile for me and I manually upload GPX file to RunKeeper. RunKeeper, for some reasons, won’t show heart rate data if I let iSmoothRun to upload directly to it.


What else do I want from this app? Yes, another one, let me have my data on every Apple gadget. I wish my data on my iPhone is sync’ed with the iCloud server and a companion app is available on my iPad such that I could view my logs, make changes to setting, schedule a run and view runs by my friends there.


More gadgets for running

June 14, 2011

Ordered these, 2 x ANT+ dongles and one Wahoo HRM, on 27th May and they arrived 11th June. Planned to test them out last Sunday but heavy storm kept me at home.

The pairing of the HRM with the ANT+ dongle plugged iPhone is dead easy. The HRM belt buttons up the transmitter in the middle. My initial impression after my first use is that this one is most comfortable among other HRM by Garmin and Adidas.

With iSmoothRun app my HR chart is right in my phone as soon as I stopped, no sync’ing, no upload, no computer required. Oops, what’s that flat line from about 5k? For other gadgets that I have used if there is a lost of signal reading would drop to zero.

See the cadence chart below obviously a lost of data (generated by accelerometer of the iPhone, I didn’t pair an ANT+ footpod) from about the same time.

I looked further down in my run log below is the cadence chart for this run, I don’t remember hearing cues of “zero cadence”?


If you need training in heart rate zone the log gives you below. At the moment audio cue gives me average heart rate it’ll be nice if there is an option for zone as well.

I think the bugs could well be in the charting routines as from the log there are cadence/HR readings shown against 5k and 6k splits.