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Why there were more clicks at Posterous?

September 22, 2010

I tried Tumblr and Posterous side by side then dumped Tumblr leaving my Posterous behind since my miCoach run charts posted here are hot linked from there. Posting those run charts with a few words via email to Posterous is really handy.

Most free blogging platform these days have stats, Blogger has it, has it and Posterous has it.

I just can’t understand why stats in my Posterous blog is so much higher than this one here? Firstly my friends will click this one from within Facebook and a few random clicks from Twitter, secondly I have never promoted my Posterous blog, most importantly my posts are so boring?!!! I surely am not alone asking this. The official reply is here but I’m still doubtful.

Screen shot 2010-09-22 at 12.20.26 PM


May 14, 2010


一千三百多個 posts 已經搬了去 Blogger, 用的是這個網站的服務。我內容的 export file 原來沒有 12Mb 那麼大,除去了垃圾只有 3Mb 左右。因那個網站只能容下1Mb 的 xml file 所以我要把我的切成三個然後做 convert,過程也十分順利。

因知道不用錢在 GoDaddy 也有 Total DNS control 現在也將 am.notsowise dot net map 到 Blogger, Tumblr 的那個叫 i.was359 dot net, 用 email 來 post 實在方便所以 Posterous 的那個便用來 autopost 去全部的 Blogs, Twitter 及 Facebook.

你一定問要不要這麼多呢? 當然不要, 新事物是要試的但我同時又要安全可靠及不費錢,總之是心多。

學(玩)了管理自己的 VPS 二年多現在是時候放棄 Slicehost,可能停用之前試裝新的 Ubuntu 10.04 及 LAMP/LEMP。我亦有三個域名我想也可放棄一個。多年來已經有過不少的域名,轉變就是永恆,好像不想被人找到或記住。我的網誌只是我雲端的記憶體,忘記了便往那裡找,人們找不到我不是問題。

Tumblr v Posterous

May 11, 2010
Found that Posterous won't accept javascript in their theme at the moment, saw somewhere that they might allow this later in their paid premium accounts.

Tumblr allows user to add Adsense code which is great, I have now done this.    Tumblr's importer currently imports from Blogger only I hope they'll support WP blogs later.

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Thank you support

May 8, 2010
Thank you Posterous support who helped me importing 1,000 posts from my WP dot com blog.    I have 1,300+ there but they said 1,000 is the limit of the MetaWeblog API, can't help.   They'll be improving their importing tool so hopefully it gets better soon.

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