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October 23, 2014


這個電影一陣子前看了,放下了忘記寫。這個戲是十分淡淡然的,沒有太多的音樂場面,因和音樂有關所以也加入了這個 collection。 故事説的是個天才,不是真人真事吧,什麼對他來説都十分容易,他不明白其他人為什麼不明白,為此他要的也不是一般凡人要的,裝傻是一個出路。


Exam again

October 21, 2014

OK let me recap what I did before, my first in May 2011 second in May 2013 and the recent one just last week.

I should have chosen August/September rather than September/October, the extra time didn’t really help. How well you prepared sometime doesn’t really count in exam result. Exam is exam after all.

My teacher said my pieces aren’t the popular choices, exam is like torture I like to make it enjoyable. Pieces from Bach I could practically play it everyday for the rest of my life.


How did I do this time, it’s forecast moment.

Scale: I did a bit better than last time, I guess I’ll get 14 (pass).

Sight Reading: I was given 3 lines with an easy start on G then Tenor clef from mid-way, OMG I probably would get 12 if he’s mean! I hate tenor clef.

Aural: For whatever reasons the examiner really has rushed it on me, I’m normally pretty good at singing the tune I’ll be lucky this time to get 12.

3 pieces: I think I did as good or slightly better than last time (got 80 out of 90) but I think this examiner is stricter so I’ll be lucky to get 75. My teacher said for Bach it’s a matter of taste, his taste matters not mine.

My forecast is therefore 113.

Timing of the exam was also bad at 9:17am I had no way to warm up at the little shop there. This could explain why the examiner has rushed it on me and I hope it wasn’t due to my chatting with him at the start or whatever inappropriate that I have said.

To reward myself I shopped new strings for myself and a new 3/4 cello for him right afterwards


Third one

June 19, 2014

What has he used this for?   As a defense (not attack I hope) weapon or racket?

his second cello a 2/4

I think the scaling isn’t linear, I’ll measure the length of the strings and check the maths.   The change from 2/4 to 3/4 is smaller than I thought.
2/4, 3/4 and 4/4

Sisters 2

January 14, 2014

Thank you Alice, Mrs Chan.

Alice reminded me the full name of the group was “Brothers 4 and Sisters 2”.

Simon and Alice, or Mr and Mrs Chan, were members of the group. We participated in a singing contest back in the college days and I would not have written this post if Alice didn’t remind us all about these details. I simply don’t remember enough details about what happened.

Mrs all have great memory, be warned!

I vaguely remember we won the contest then went out to compete in a inter-college contest and lost. Members of the group were all from the volleyball club except me, I wasn’t tall enough for the sport. I contributed as band leader, lead guitar and vocal. I don’t remember the “sisters 2” part, why would female vocal be necessary if I picked “Brothers 4”?

The reason was obvious, Alice and Simon were dating at the time! There was also another couple in the group.

That piece of history apparently is very important when such fond memory was talked about with a few old friends Mr and Mrs Chan and their grown up kids of 24 and 20. I was joking that next time we will have their grand children around the dining table when we refresh our fond memory of singing together.

The happy Chan family lives in New Zealand so I don’t have to handle questions like “who is Brothers Four by the way?” that frequently.

My guitars are still around I don’t mind going back to them when time is right.

We won with “Four Strong Winds”

“Yellow Bird” ended my singing career!

It was 1979 according to those with trustworthy memory!