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Old notebook + SSD from Vista to Windows 8

December 13, 2012

My Toshiba M600 notebook is more than 4 years old, surprised that I didn’t write when I bought it. It came with Vista and I have played with many versions of Ubuntu and other distro on it. I also didn’t miss any chances of trying free beta/preview of windows 7 and 8 with the hardware. The hardware is getting a bit outdated but OS’s are getting less demanding on hardware these days so it worked fine so far.

To give new life to the old hardware I decided to replace the 120G harddisk with a new Intel 180G SSD.


Before the operation this M600 notebook was running Windows 8 free preview I had to roll the OS back to Vista after the SSD was installed. I benchmarked the SSD performance

This was done with Vista SP2 installed

I then optimized the SSD with Intel’s tool.

It got a bit faster.

Below is the WEI for reference

The Index for data transfer rate jumped from 5.2 to 5.9

Next step was windows 8 installation as I don’t think I can stand Vista and it’s a waste of the SSD running on Vista.

Windows 8 before optimization by Intel SSD tools

Last step was optimization using Intel’s SSD tools


I can see 40-50% jump in read/write performance. SSD is therefore worth having for old hardware.

The only trouble for Windows 8 on Toshiba M600 is that WEI can’t be computed.


To compare, even my March 2011 Macbook Pro can’t match the read/write speed of this old hardware. Apple uses both Toshiba and Samsung SSD in their lines of Macbook Pro it was my luck to have the slower one among the two.

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 11.54.45 AM

My son uses this M600 notebook most of the time if he isn’t using my Macbook Pro for Minecraft. The Windows 8 “Family Safety” weekly activity report is very useful.

Windows 8 DVD

November 14, 2012

Wondered why the seller of my Windows 8 upgrade was a company “Arvato Distribution GmbH” in Germany and the DVD was sent from Ireland.


Windows 8

October 30, 2012

Electronic delivery is so easy just a few clicks my wallet was few hundreds dollars short


I ordered backup DVD as I like to collect them as my son’s museum collection 20 years later, I have boxed Vista and Windows 7 as well.

The download was quick as I hardwired the router instead of using wifi, installation was flawless almost. When I tried to login with my email address my MacBook Pro keyboard wasn’t recognized, the @ was at the wrong place and I had to use the onscreen keyboard to locate the key.

As usual I grabbed the WEI for reference.


Fusion 5

October 27, 2012

My upgrade to Fusion 4 was just over a year ago, in essence $49.9 is license fee for a year if you want to keep using the latest version.

I started using Windows 8 since September 2011 with its official launch yesterday it looks like very soon I have to decide what’s the best way to upgrade from my Windows 7 copy, i.e. download for $40 or boxed copy of $69.99, certainly I’ll wait for a while when initial launch issues are all sorted.

I’m sure Microsoft will block the use of Preview copies very soon.