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Macbook Pro 13

September 9, 2009


The MBP 13″ unibody arrived on 7th September. First thing I did was restoring my iTunes library and uploaded my runs to Nike+ which are both very important to me. I also transferred my iPhone app purchases from iPhone to my iTunes library as a safety measure.


Next important thing is to install Windows 7 RC using Boot Camp such that my MBP can be used in my office environment. This is probably the most popular howto for installation of Windows 7 using Boot Camp on Mac OS. However things might have changed and software got updated along the way since I’m having OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard pre-installed on my MBP and various versions of Windows 7 and updates and have evolved. To my surprise everything worked a lot smoother than I have ever expected.

There are couple of things worth mentioning here if readers are like me having the latest hardware/software.

Referring to this Simple Help

  • Step 11: once you clicked the ‘reformat’ it didn’t start automatically I had to click ‘next’
  • There were 2 reboots and it was OK to have the installation DVD stayed in the drive after the 2nd reboot setting up of Windows and desktop then began
  • Removal of the installation DVD can be done at the very end
  • After updating the Windows 7 installation I ran setup from the OS X installation disk
  • Then I got sound and video card working

iTunes Store in Hong Kong

July 17, 2008

Thanks to iPhone 3G launch in Hong Kong iTunes store is now available in Hong Kong.

I have an Apple ID because I have a few Apple’s gadgets but it’s pretty useless although I could fake a US address to get an iTunes account for stores in the US. This workaround would enable me to download cover flow artwork and a couple of free songs, which I don’t like, and free TV shows. With iPhone 3G launch iTunes store is now live in Hong Kong with iPhone and iPod Touch applications available. At the moment they have nothing for sales except these applications.

First thing first, I need the $9.95 iPod Touch firmware 2.0 so I edited my Apple ID account filling up payment method and billing address etc. Downloaded 222.6 Mb of this firmware update tonight. I’m going to try a few free applications.

Picture 1.png

I noticed that once payment method is filled and am logged into the iTunes Store there will not be any prompts when I click purchase. By this I have authorized iTunes to take my money without further confirmation clicks.

iTunes cover flow

April 17, 2008

You won’t get album artwork in your iTunes unless you have an iTunes Store account. The workaround is that firstly you get a redeem code from here you could then redeem a few free songs from iTunes Store by creating an account. The good thing is that you don’t have to enter credit card details yet. You’ll have to fake that you live in the US so unless you really are familiar with the place you’ll need to try your luck for some zip code here.

PS [edited]: I got my PC reformatted a few times with iTunes library flushed out. Found this good Senuti freeware which can import all my music from my iPod back to the iTunes library.