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Yahoo Blog

October 13, 2013

收到 Yahoo blog (2005 – 2013) 死亡通知,在這裡又要寫歷史。

我試用時應該是 2006 吧,那些年是 Yahoo 的黃金歲月,多數人都用他們的電郵,試用他們的 blog service 實在容易,但功能不多且不見得流行。

我最先用的是 Blogger (1999 – ?), 大概是 2004 吧, Google 收購了它們不久,當年可能因資源問題, 服務不是太穩定, 最近二年見 Google 大力推 Google+ 我想 Blogger 已經年事已老,死期不遠。 Google+ 有很大的發展空間,似是把瑞士刀,張張利是有可能的。Facebook 如果能稱王十年八載已經不錯了,當然 Facebook 也是不錯的發表平台。

還記得當年在同學間有辯論應否將班內活動資料,功課,照片等放在網上,當時反對的佔多, 擔心隱私,在今天幾乎人人用 Facebook 的年代,當年的爭論有點可笑!

我最後做了少許市場調查,決定從多個 CMS 中選了 WordPress,除了短期試了 Habari 之外始終沒變心! 我試過的 Blogware 和 platform 多到都記不清了,有興趣的可看這個, 這個。 對於唔搬又搬搬家所以我經驗十足。

網絡世界中所謂高科技東西有五年盛年已經不錯了, 從來都要有搬家的心理準備。

Goodbye Slicehost

June 9, 2010

On 10 November 2007 I signed up Slicehost, a VPS provider, they were very hot at the time I had to sign up a reservation and waited for a while before I was given my slice.

Today I terminated the service, I enjoyed 31 months of good service, I don’t need them now.

Not moving now

March 26, 2010
I wrote earlier today

Can someone confirm my understandings in my below 2 emails? I’ll be removing mapping of he dot was359 dot net and proceed to mapping my other domain am dot notsowise dot net which will be permanent and final move, I need your help for that. Please confirm.

This is my 3rd email in last 24 hours.

I also found that even if I pay $14.97 per year for custom CSS edit I’ll still be using one of the 85 themes, i.e. I won’t be able to upload my own theme.

I then wrote to support requesting refund of my $9.97, everything stays the same for now!

Excuse Me

January 22, 2009

My server just suffered a crash due to a very high CPU load. Upon a hard and a soft boot it went back to normal again.

Found out from ‘top’ that php-cgi was consuming exceptionally high loads when the home page of my custom theme was loaded. All other WordPress sites that I’m hosting have not suffered from this problem.

This could be a theme specific problem so the safe bet for now is using the default theme. The header is in a mess I know and I’ll fix that later when I have time.

[Edited: now using this modified K2 theme with my custom theme functions all commented out for the moment, these functions appear to be driving php-cgi crazy when they are loaded. The misery is that why all in a sudden this became a problem as I must have these functions in use for many months. Perhaps I need to revisit slice optimization again such as this one. ]