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42 seconds

March 10, 2013

差點跑不到 8:30 那一組。

醒來已是 7:30,還好早一晚已準備好一切,放在袋中穿衣便跑。幸運地下樓即上了小巴,未到總站有人下車我也跟著下了, 跑了三百米到地鐵站,早點熱身有好処。

在地鉄裡看得出去尖沙咀跑的很多,和我拿一樣顏色袋的一個沒見,心有點慌。在電話不停和我哥哥及朋友 whatsapp 報告位置,希望能及時拍個照才起跑。





今年差不多每個水站我都去看熱鬧,到了西隧前的那個還停下來找我做義工的朋友說了句"辛苦晒,努力,加油 "。


過了終點, 去年的經驗告訴我要邊吃生果邊跟人群到圖書館那邊, 我的胃會舒服一點。。


Tung Chung to Mui Wo

September 8, 2012

I discovered this trail accidentally when I ran earlier from Tung Chung. It’s called HONG KONG OLYMPIC TRAIL which is quite new. Today we hike from Tung Chung to Mui Wo.

Screen Shot 2012-09-08 at 4.14.29 PM
It’s about 9k with elevation of 180m, good for family hiking.

At the start of the trail

Reached the top

The reservoir on the map is the one at Discovery Bay

Descending you can see ferry pier at Mui Wo.

A “tourist attraction” we didn’t expect to see on the way.

Let’s walk inside to have a look, shall we?

Oh, closed off!

Near the end of the trail

Last “point of interest”.

We took 2 hours, we could have ran it except the steep sections going up hill. The good part of it was that we met no dogs.

Tung Chung

August 13, 2012

I have not tried new route for a long while.

We started off from Tung Chung a large residential development called Caribbean Coast.

I don’t know such a trail exists

The map says we can walk from there to Mui Wo

A misty day with polluted air

All the way back from here to those blocks at the far end, there’s no trees no cover

No more catwalk

June 27, 2012

My friend said I ran along a thin line, it’s like catwalk.

My feet and legs hit each other while I run. Now I’m pretty sure how it happened.

  1. My left leg hit the back of my right leg
  2. With right foot as pivot, I fell
  3. Forward momentum turned into spinning to the right
  4. Top part of my left knee hit the ground first, next left hand
  5. Body bounced back after left side hit the ground
  6. Right hand, right forearm, right shoulder then my face on the right hit the ground
  7. Further rolled over lying on the ground facing sky.

Assuming my cadence was 85 per minute then each step should have  taken about 0.35 second.    My left foot refused to go forward in this 0.35 seconds and this may also explain why my hands didn’t response quick enough to land with my palms.

I now have to focus on my run posture such that my feet stay away from each other.