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Year end account

December 31, 2014

Well I didn’t quite make it to 1,000km target I set. However I’m still happy with what I have achieved this year which I believe is better than last year.

I have been using iSmoothRun app and it posts automatically to Garmin connect and Nike+, strangely the yearly total is the largest in Runkeeper so naturally I use that as my year end account.

2014 year end

Running watch

September 15, 2014

This is my 3rd running watch, Echo is dead after 9 months and I’m so used to running with a watch. My elder brother has one, I’m pretty confident Pebble will be good.

I started with it Saturday, went for a run Sunday morning as of now it’s being used as everyday watch. I think the first full charge will probably last until mid day tomorrow.


As it’s connected to my iPhone 5S all the time I just need to turn on the iSmoothRun app in Pebble before my run. There is no connecting to do like the Echo watch. Apparently there is no need to kill the app in Pebble while I’m not running. The Echo watch is slightly better in control as buttons are mapped for music control and run start/stop.

Pebble is water resistant to 5 atmosphere it must be better than Echo.

Echo – battery low

August 31, 2014

The Echo watch advertised to have battery life of about 11 months. I saw “battery low” this morning for the first time so I have the battery changed. I started with it last November so that lasted 9 full months.

The iPhone companion app used to show battery level when it’s connected with the watch but that feature has now been removed.

Another practice

January 26, 2014

I mean I fell while running again. My first practice was June 2012.

This time it was my right foot trying to lift above a step, I was about to turn back at the usual point in about 10 meters. In hindsight I should have slowed down a bit.

first point of contact with the ground

Minor scratch on my Echo watch

My left elbow suffered most so this isn’t anything at all

The bruise on palm almost disappeared when I arrived home

I wore long sleeve it could have been worse if I didn’t

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 4.40.24 pm
Another runner asked if I was OK or needed a taxi, I turned back and walked a bit then decided to run back.

Running is about enduring pain I could have done more in fact but thought that it might better to have a shower and wash the dirt off my arms and legs.

I’ll watch the steps very carefully next time!