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Yahoo Blog

October 13, 2013

收到 Yahoo blog (2005 – 2013) 死亡通知,在這裡又要寫歷史。

我試用時應該是 2006 吧,那些年是 Yahoo 的黃金歲月,多數人都用他們的電郵,試用他們的 blog service 實在容易,但功能不多且不見得流行。

我最先用的是 Blogger (1999 – ?), 大概是 2004 吧, Google 收購了它們不久,當年可能因資源問題, 服務不是太穩定, 最近二年見 Google 大力推 Google+ 我想 Blogger 已經年事已老,死期不遠。 Google+ 有很大的發展空間,似是把瑞士刀,張張利是有可能的。Facebook 如果能稱王十年八載已經不錯了,當然 Facebook 也是不錯的發表平台。

還記得當年在同學間有辯論應否將班內活動資料,功課,照片等放在網上,當時反對的佔多, 擔心隱私,在今天幾乎人人用 Facebook 的年代,當年的爭論有點可笑!

我最後做了少許市場調查,決定從多個 CMS 中選了 WordPress,除了短期試了 Habari 之外始終沒變心! 我試過的 Blogware 和 platform 多到都記不清了,有興趣的可看這個, 這個。 對於唔搬又搬搬家所以我經驗十足。

網絡世界中所謂高科技東西有五年盛年已經不錯了, 從來都要有搬家的心理準備。

$10 million idea, do you have one?

September 26, 2008

I read John’s Book some 2 years ago. Now you don’t have to leave your company to change the World. Let Project 10 to the 100 help you to help others.

Google is putting $10 million on the table, got an idea so don’t hesitate.

When Gmail is filled

September 9, 2008

Who said I never had to delete another email?

Few years ago I have to move around a lot carrying my notebook all the time for work and study. Since I spent very little time in the office I have no access to office emails served by Microsoft’s exchange server. So I set up email rules such that incoming emails are copied to a gmail account setup solely for that purpose. I haven’t logged into that account lately as I thought gmail is bottomless.

I was alerted by my colleagues that they have received bounce back from gmail saying that my mailbox is full, I don’t believe that.


In fact I have more than 11,000 mails in the inbox that I have not read.


Google's browser Chrome

September 2, 2008

As a developer can you cope with the pace of new broswers and standard? Google is launching their own browser very soon. It’s like a car builder now having their own engine factory.

I have seen commercial sites around here still WARNING users that their site is best viewed by IE 5.1 or 6 while IE7 is nearly obsolete with IE8 just round the corner.

I have also seen websites still support only IE without any consideration of users using Safari, Firefox or Opera. I guess with the pace of new broswers/standards joining the race it must be good business helping businesses to update their website designs.