Slice setup

Once you got your server built, in my case a ubuntu 8.04.1 you need to login as root and change root password. You should be given root login password and your.server.ip.number

If you have just rebuilt your server you’ll need to follow this to clear the trace of your server invalid signature.

Now you can first change your root password if you want


Login as root is not recommended so you should create a new user [username]

adduser --ingroup users [username] answer all questions and confirm ‘yes’ at the end. Next you have to grant [username] permissions as root.

I don’t like vi so I use nano which comes with 8.04.1 [P.S. if you insist to learn Vi then follow lesson]

export EDITOR=nano then visudo

at end of file insert then save it

[username] ALL=(ALL) ALL

Next edit ssh config to use a special port and stop root login

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

change port from 22 to a 4~5 digits figure [yourportnumber] at your choice (it was said any number above 1024 would be safe) that you could remember and also change PermitRootLogin from yes to no, don’t forget to reload ssh

/etc/init.d/ssh reload

Now login as new [username] in separate terminal window, a safe step, in case of trouble you haven’t left the root login session yet.

ssh -p [yourportnumber] [username]@your.server.ip.number

Happy with it then exit root, now make sure your server is updated and upgraded, do this

apt-get update and apt-get upgrade from now on you’ll need to add sudo in front of codes below and will be asked for password from time to time.

you can proceed to install LAMP or LEMP. You might also like to jump start onto protect your slice.

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