My Linux Cheatsheet

You’ll find a lot if you google for UNIX/LInux shell commands I list some good ones that I have seen. There are more useful links here.

DOS to Unix side by side

Vi editor reference

A – Z of BASH command

Linux Commands

Linux Command Line Cheatsheet

Lots of Command line examples here.

tuXfiles An Introduction to Linux Command Line

Linux Command Library (MAN Pages)

Symbolic link

ln -s /full/path/of_source/ /full/path/of_destination/

Remove folder with files and folders within it

rm -rf

Move or rename a file

mv /path/of/old/ /path/of/new/renamed.file

Check your free memory

free -m, more options in MAN page

View running processes and memory usage

top and type q to quit, more options in MAN page

Find process ID

ps ax | grep [process_name]

Kill a process

killall -[option] [process_name] for options see MAN pages

Mount a drive

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/[mount_drivename]

List iptables configuration

iptables -L

Secured shell access

ssh -p [port_number] [username]@ip.number.ofyour.server If -p [port_number] is omitted default port 22 will be used.

Secure copy between hosts

see MAN pages.

Mysql command line access

$ mysql -u [username] -p

In case you really like playing around with your database at command line, this reference is handy.

check disk usage

df -h

see your OS version

uname -a

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