First download was made available 19 October 2006

Download(1) – 0.1 BareBones Left Sidebar
Download (2) – 0.2 BareBones Left Sidebar
Download (3) – 0.2 BareBones Right Sidebar
Download (4) – 0.35 BareBones Left Sidebar

Above are all the versions for the BareBones series. The “BareBones” template was a learning process after reading a very nice tutorial by Aneko Studios. The last version 0.35 which can be previewed here can be used with little customization. It is supposed to be generic, easily understood and for beginners.

Download (5) – Plugin ezlogin version 0.1

This is my first plugin based on scripts by others. I just packaged it as a plugin for ease of installation and customization. See credit for original design in this post.

Download (6) – Plugin ezlogin version 0.2

A widgetized version 0.2 download(12)

ezlogin version 0.3, change log in this post

ezLogin version 0.31, change logs in this and this post.

An improved version adding useful links to save you from clicking around in dashboard.

Download (11) – Plugin ezlogin version 0.32

Links added for either comments in moderation page or comments page. Minor upgrade to 0.31 (download now removed)

Thank to David who advised a widgetized version here in this comment. His codes are removed from the comment, a widgetized version for ezLogin 0.2 is available for download(12) here.

Download (7) – Plugin ezCount version 0.1

My second plugin, again original scripts by others, I packaged 5 smaller plugins into this single one. See credit for original design in this post.

Download (8) – Sunset version 0.4

This is a dark theme with show/hide scripts from DHTMLGoodies the basic structure comes from BareBones template. Preview it here

Minor face lift at the sidebar dated 20 February 2007 details are here.

Download (9) – Sunrise version 0.5

Because my last one was a dark one I have this one made to balance. I used two sets of scripts, list based menu for the topbar menu and dropdown content for the postmeta, from DHTMLGoodies. This is supposed to be bright, simple, imageless and clean. Preview it here

I’m testing Habari here, Download (13) – Recent Comments, my first plugin as a practice for Habari.

This is Download (14) – Barebone theme for SmartyEngine, my first theme for SmartyEngine running under Habari.

This is Download (15) – Barebone theme for RawPHPEngine, my theme that failed to work under Habari rev 716. Oops I see a few downloads already so a WARNING here, this works in developer release 0.1.1 only. I’ll make a revised version which is good for svn 716 available if someone asks for it.

This is Download (16) – ezComments 0.15 a super simple plugin to show comments track/pingbacks in your sidebar. I described my motive of doing this here.

This is Download (17) – ezShowPlugins 0.1 a simple plugin to show activated plugins in your sidebar. A handy link is provided so if you have logged in you could go straight to the login page.

3 Responses to “Download”

  1. […] I just put them together into one single plugin so instead of moving/deleting/activating or deactivating 6 times I just need to do it once. Putting them together also allows me to add formating text before and after and returned count as arguments in the plugin. I described it here in this post and download is here. blogging, plugin, WordPress, WP Plugins   « links for 2006-10-28 | When Microsoft turns its head… »   […]

  2. […] I’m quite pleased with this design and this is available for download here. […]

  3. […] ago. It was a learning process and simple is beautiful. It’s available for use with WP from here. Just look for download (2) Barebones Left Sidebar […]

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