Because I Write

This ‘Because I Write’ title is inspired by George Orwell’s little book called “Why I Write”. This site is now called ‘Not So Wise’, see this post

For more information about Goerge Orwell see Orwell. At work I have to write a lot…a lot of boring stuff. All letters that I wrote fall into a template we use for business, contract, yet to form relationships (very little of this sort as I don’t really sell things). Ironically we don’t actually mean what we write in those letters. At the end of a big job we had to find our way out from a grave we buried ourselves in with tons of paper.

You want to know how many trees we killed? It was also because of that drive to keep my head above an ocean of paper I was attracted to coding. Too bad what I have learnt (ASP 3.0) is now obsolete by waves of new way of doing things and technologies (e.g. Ruby on Rails, php etc).

I have started blogging in January 2005 since then have written and posted quite a lot. It was partly due to the assignments I had to do for my EMBA.

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