Not guilty

February 8, 2015

It was 2013, we rented a Prius for summer holiday in Japan. We used it for 4 days and I had to pay only HK$2xx upon returning the car. We didn’t travel far but during the 4 days we must have spent couple of hours each day in the car, I was shocked how cheap fuel cost was in a hybrid.


Since that day I have to use my own car for work, didn’t bother much as my fuel cost was compensated (not fully) by my employer. However with the Prius experience I feel guilty every time I glide downhill, why didn’t I capture the potential energy?

Then from January 2013 I started tracking my fuel consumption. I traveled 40,960km, spent $65,484 on gas, average ownership cost/day was $207 which was almost double of average fuel cost. Other costs such as insurance, toll, license and maintenance are pretty expensive. On average I drove 68km each day.

I don’t want to feel guilty so I went full electric from December 2014.


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