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It’s the Magsafe this time

April 28, 2014

Well it’s more than 3 years old. It almost died last time.

I took the magsafe and the MBP to the genius bar this time as it’s possible that something is wrong with the MBP. I was lucky only the magsafe is replaced.

The diagnostic app they used is quite handy, every single parts appear to be healthy!


Infinity 無限

April 20, 2014

這個不是談電訊商的無限上網,那已經是常識: 無限是有限制的。


不知怎的這個 Numberphile 進了我 Twitter Feed, 之後引發了很多思想。後來在網上讀了很多討論,辯論,硏究,有正有反的,不同領域的,十分熱烈。




自小對數學都有興趣,加減乘除還可以,難一點的不能自學 (那本Fundamentals of Number Theory 看不入䐉),以上的收蔵我只作偵探小說看,情節十分引人勝。例如那本 Fermat’s last theorem by Simon Singh, 它不在上圖,不知借了給誰?

有趣的是這個,一定要看。 不同意,不明白,一頭霧水,你我一樣是正常人。

最近重看 The man who knew infinity, a life of the Genius Ramanujan, 一百年前正好是這位天才從印度去了英國,這個記錄片也要一看, 他也許是少數看通了無限的人。

我還未在書店見到這書不然我一定買了它, 就連 Ramanujan 在他給 G. H. Hardy 的信中也說以下的,誰要進瘋人院呢?

“.. I told him that the sum of an infinite number of terms of the series: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + · · · = −1/12 under my theory. If I tell you this you will at once point out to me the lunatic asylum as my goal.”