Sisters 2

January 14, 2014

Thank you Alice, Mrs Chan.

Alice reminded me the full name of the group was “Brothers 4 and Sisters 2”.

Simon and Alice, or Mr and Mrs Chan, were members of the group. We participated in a singing contest back in the college days and I would not have written this post if Alice didn’t remind us all about these details. I simply don’t remember enough details about what happened.

Mrs all have great memory, be warned!

I vaguely remember we won the contest then went out to compete in a inter-college contest and lost. Members of the group were all from the volleyball club except me, I wasn’t tall enough for the sport. I contributed as band leader, lead guitar and vocal. I don’t remember the “sisters 2” part, why would female vocal be necessary if I picked “Brothers 4”?

The reason was obvious, Alice and Simon were dating at the time! There was also another couple in the group.

That piece of history apparently is very important when such fond memory was talked about with a few old friends Mr and Mrs Chan and their grown up kids of 24 and 20. I was joking that next time we will have their grand children around the dining table when we refresh our fond memory of singing together.

The happy Chan family lives in New Zealand so I don’t have to handle questions like “who is Brothers Four by the way?” that frequently.

My guitars are still around I don’t mind going back to them when time is right.

We won with “Four Strong Winds”

“Yellow Bird” ended my singing career!

It was 1979 according to those with trustworthy memory!

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