BT Mobile Speaker

January 3, 2014

This one below is dead, the buttons aren’t working and the internal battery is also flat it can’t even tell the correct time. I don’t remember how old this is, the connector is only good for 20 pins iPhones.


This is the replacement. I originally considered JAMBOX or the latest mini JAMBOX. Again I read reviews and lots of it said while JAMBOX has its good features sound quality is far from satisfactory and a better one is BOSE SoundLink mini.


I considered myself lucky, in most cases you can’t really test sound quality of these little inexpensive (relatively) things in a busy shop within a busy mall. Just don’t even think you could hear and compare sound quality or the guy at the counter would let you pair your phone with their demo unit and play the music that you recognize. The same guy is probably selling 200 other gadgets and knows less than you about the one you want to try.

That day I found the BOSE shop and it was empty. The SoundLink mini is terrible for classical music perhaps it’s acceptable to teens doing loud hip hop in noisy environment. I just won’t even take it home for free. I picked its big brother SoundLink Mobile Speaker II. The sound is great for what it’s worth.

In terms of size and weight it isn’t really portable, at home, it is!

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