M600 retired

December 28, 2013

I bought this Toshiba M600 notebook in June 2008, it came with Vista (still remember that?) then I used it to play with a few Ubuntu distro, Windows 7 and 8 previews etc.

Then I bought an upgrade version of Windows 8 and replaced the original HDD with a Intel 180G SSD.

One day it failed to charge, it wasn’t the charger so I bet it must be something on the motherboard. I salvaged the Intel SSD.


Now the SSD is in a $180 USB3.0 case, for some strange reasons Windows 8 doesn’t recognize it? My way out is to connect it to my MBP so I can save files from Windows 8 via VMWare sharing.

Because of cloud storage in recent years and pretty cheap thumb drives it’s kind of odd to carry an external HDD around.

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