Pairing iSmoothRun with Echo

December 1, 2013

My first test drive of the iSR and Echo smart watch combination went OK.

My second run with Echo was in trouble.   It was my habit to turn on my Garmin as soon as I step out of the door, GPS running watch takes time to lock into satellites.   I did that by mistake, I shouldn’t have started pairing Echo so early.

The Echo smart watch pairs with an App, in my case iSmoothrun, in my iPhone but not with iOS.   If I let the watch to search device without the App running (in fact at the right page of it, see below) it’ll attempt to pair with iOS.   Of course it didn’t work that way.    The device id inside the App has gone perhaps pairing was done with iOS instead.   Throughout my run the watch displayed no data but the mapped buttons (music control, running statistic etc) worked?!!

I was quite upset with it, especially with a new gadget, it turned out to be my bad.

I experimented with the watch and the App few more times at home the correct way should be like (1) start the App you paired with the watch, you’ll be reminded to turn on BT if you haven’t already done so (2) go to the page where connecting/pairing was done (3) press the pair/search button of your Echo watch. In 8 seconds or so you are good to run!

Front page of the App, don’t start pairing yet

This is the page where pairing was done, the App starts looking for paired Echo

On average, in 8 seconds, you are good to run!

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