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Echo running watch

November 23, 2013

It’s smart, sort of! Let’s see how smart it is.

My Garmin 410 is almost 3 years old, it died once and I paid HK$7xx to get it repaired. It survived my fall also.

I considered a new Garmin perhaps their latest model 620, that’s pretty dear and after using 410 for a few years I realise that I’m not using much of the features in a watch like that.

So I decided to try something simpler, cheaper and smarter. The other key consideration was that I run with my phone for music so features like GPS, tracking by app etc are all duplicated. I read review for Echo the best feature I like is that the battery lasts for 6-11 months, currently I need to charge my Garmin every 2 runs and the pins of the charging “clamp” all failed to spring out due to corrosion.

The package

I bought HRM in the box as well, total $199

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 9.33.17 am
The pairing with an App (not with the iOS) is dead simple except this Step 6 of the instruction is wrong. I had to press “bottom-left” button instead of bottom-right.

The smart watch doesn’t really do much apart from being a watch displaying time and date so it acquires data and brain power from outside, i.e. your smart phone. It comes with an companion App in iTunes store as utility for you to set things up. If you want to know battery level you need to read from this App.

The secret of long battery life is that the display is off whenever it doesn’t detect movement. It contains an accelerometer so whenever your wrist moves it wakes itself up. The display can’t be any simpler you see only day of week, time, date and your weekly total.


To run with it you need an App of course I’m using the best and my favourite iSmoothRun. You can choose to display from 1 to 3 rows of data per page and total of 5 pages to display the data you want.


I have yet to test drive it, so far these are some no so good features

  • The display looks cheap, well it’s cheap I shouldn’t expect anything like Garmin’s, I’ll have a look at my friend’s Pebble later.
  • It’ll be better if small text can be displayed along with data, if I have multiple pages I want to know what those numbers are
  • The touch screen perhaps isn’t really a touch screen it doesn’t respond if I touch it softly I have to punch it hard with a finger.   May be it’s the accelerometer that does the trick?   I hope iSmoothRun could let me set up a button to switch between pages
  • I hope it’s thinner and display a bit bigger in future hardware refresh then this could be my everyday watch


November 20, 2013

現在常聽到 “起跑線” 這個詞,但這詞並不是用在關於跑步的文章上。廣告人實在利害,很多產品服務的廣告都叫人要贏在起跑線上。

聽來這是常理,那裡沒競爭,從奶粉,幼兒園,小中大學以至職場生意,老人院甚至骨灰龕。廣告叫人要贏在起跑線就是小學三年班要補習中學的課程,幼兒園面試的 IQ test 連博士生都答不到, 這就是所謂 “贏在起跑線” 吧。

如果用跑步賽為例,廣告是叫人不只站到最前近起跑線,而是説他們的產品是能令你站在起跑線前 5k 及人們未開跑你已在跑了。你定聽過有未出世已經報名校,這不是偷步是什麼?



偷步當然不該,能站近起跑線當然好 (台灣那次的經驗是証明),有沒有對賽果有幫助要看你功夫了。人生是長跑,不只是一個全馬,是很多一個又一個的全馬,重要是享受賽事而不是要贏全部比賽。有很多人只練習而從不比賽,一點問題也沒有。

每次跑步,練習或比賽,其實都是一種進步,能繼續練就是贏了, 不一定要拿獎或每次都有最佳最時間才是進步,只要能繼續正確地跑,哩數繼續加,平均速不大減,就是贏。過程中你定會知道那些做對了, 日子久了一定進步。

以我愚見如果打尖偷步或走捷徑能令你多贏幾場, 生命實在苦悶,失敗經驗從來是寶貴的,小朋友只能被動地跑快了一點,長大了要用自己雙手雙腳保持父母要求的速度, 怎麼辦? 有些會放棄,停了下來,有些用他們學會的不當手法去偷步打尖。

況且跑步還要看風景和聽音樂, 目的並不是快及贏,這些是卡通片都說的道理。 於我來說, 滿地都是起跑線, 有早有遅有快有慢, 如這個那個

還有大家都知的, TVB 開台時邵逸夫已是六十歲。