Exam again

May 9, 2013

I could have done this second exam end of last year, experience of torture every year is good. My last exam result was 4 marks better than my forecast.

I have a lot more preparation this time as I demanded more from myself. The 3 pieces were taught nearly a year ago and put aside, I spent more time flying than playing cello for the last few months of 2012. I managed two jobs at two locations for the first few months of this year, good excuses for poor result.

I worked with a new accompanist for 8 sessions, she said I’m normal. Once I got used to playing with piano I started to enjoy the noise I produced, then it’s done!

Today I felt good from the beginning as it was sunny in the morning transportation was smooth and I arrived early. My accompanist didn’t like the waiting but I was OK. I had also a short warm up at home before heading to exam venue it helped only a little. The warm up time I need is exceptionally long. The first piece which I like most was lack of sound quality and volume.

The examiner is a really nice guy, he joked as soon as I walked into the room to make me feel relaxed. I was still nervous as the stool was too high after the examiner helped to lower it as extra work that he is paid for, he joked.

Now time for another forecast.

I didn’t do too badly for the 3 pieces, 75 please!

Scale was bad, my mind was blank for the first one but examiner was kind enough to offer me chances by asking me to do a few more arpeggios. I may get only 16.

Sight-reading has never been my strong part, perhaps I’ll get 16.

I think I did pretty well on Aural, I should score 16 out of 18 like last exam.

About a month ago I found issues (strings, bridge and bow) with my instrument, timing was really bad it’s now gone for repair.

One Response to “Exam again”

  1. Kiwingster Says:

    You did much better than 75 for the 3 pieces. Man, well done! I absolutely enjoy reading this piece of sharing after knowing the result. Your forecast was pretty close.

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