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Music Stories Never Told

August 16, 2012

A good book!

Book cover

Tung Chung

August 13, 2012

I have not tried new route for a long while.

We started off from Tung Chung a large residential development called Caribbean Coast.

I don’t know such a trail exists

The map says we can walk from there to Mui Wo

A misty day with polluted air

All the way back from here to those blocks at the far end, there’s no trees no cover

About 18, 58, 182 and 20120808

August 8, 2012

18 years ago, plus or minus a few months, I was asked to deliver a 23 months project, never expected to hang around for so long.

58 “my last day here” emails were sent, I categorized people, said slightly different things, instant reply received from most of them. Some rang shocked, I never like phone calls, I made conversations short.

182 friends, co-workers, colleagues were notified. I must have missed a few, it’s hard to keep track of everyone I know and have worked with. Every connection is of equal weight, they don’t need to be categorized but I hate dull standardized scripts. I researched the slight difference between “keep in touch” and “stay in touch”.

2012.08.08 is a new day!