My first Cello

June 3, 2012

I started renting cello the day before I took this photo almost 3 years ago.

I’m not sure if my new toy is authentic as it doesn’t come with a certificate.   You know people can fake certificate. This could also be too cheap a model to have a certificate.

I tried a few here including Heinrich Gill model 304/334 and a Batoni.    The Batoni sounds better than the Gills.    I even played the HK$130k antique “instrument of the shop” there but the sound didn’t impress me. Outlook of the instrument doesn’t really matter to me but the antique looks really “too antique”.

This is a Reinhold Schanbl, the label is signed and marked 1998 (or 1098, model ?), bought here.





There was a “Lothar Semmlinger” which I considered good at the shop of similar price range but it has a loud Wolf tone at the usual pitch on G string, an eliminator was then added, then I found this Reinhold Schanbl. That one has a mellow tone on A and G strings which I like. I don’t like bright (metal like) and loud voice right at my chest.

I read from forums that Mr Reinhold Schanbl should be now near 80 if he’s still around there are some second hand cellos available in the market which are made in mid 70’s.    I couldn’t locate a website for his company but his son, who is known for making good cellos, has a website. Maybe I drop by Bubenreuth Germany next time I go to Europe.

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