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Do you trust the cloud?

June 29, 2012

I do.

I’m sync’ing my iPhoto folders to Skydrive.    It’ll take a long time as you can see how big the folder is.


Next would be iTunes Match for all my music in the MBP.

No more catwalk

June 27, 2012

My friend said I ran along a thin line, it’s like catwalk.

My feet and legs hit each other while I run. Now I’m pretty sure how it happened.

  1. My left leg hit the back of my right leg
  2. With right foot as pivot, I fell
  3. Forward momentum turned into spinning to the right
  4. Top part of my left knee hit the ground first, next left hand
  5. Body bounced back after left side hit the ground
  6. Right hand, right forearm, right shoulder then my face on the right hit the ground
  7. Further rolled over lying on the ground facing sky.

Assuming my cadence was 85 per minute then each step should have  taken about 0.35 second.    My left foot refused to go forward in this 0.35 seconds and this may also explain why my hands didn’t response quick enough to land with my palms.

I now have to focus on my run posture such that my feet stay away from each other.

Recovered except …

June 23, 2012

I’m recovered except my poor Garmin which suffered serious scratches.


I went for a 10k run this morning and I’m OK, the Garmin is also functional never mind the outlook of it.

My friend and I further discussed how I fell, he took video behind me and theorized that I was probably tripped over by my own feet! To regain confidence I probably would not run alone for a while.

I’m so grateful to have a running companion.

Are you ready to fall?

June 10, 2012

If you run prepare to fall.

I’m glad to enjoy my first experience. My left foot didn’t lift high enough and there must have been uneven bricks which is very common on pavement.


There were 6 points of contact left knee, left hand, right hand, right arm, right shoulder then my face on the right hand side. My poor Garmin suffered serious scratches as well. I was going up a mild slope, how lucky I was!

I got up and said “no problem I can continue”, my friend said he saw only minor scratch on the face. We continued running for another 2k then walked back.

For a short while after I got back on my feet I was wondering where I was running. I saw the bridge (the first picture here), yes I’m running in Castle Peak, where did I park and where did we start running? I was also recalling what did I do yesterday. Maybe at that point in time blood was serving the muscles skipping my brain.