Cello + Guitar

May 12, 2012

Was it Guitar + Cello?

I went to a recital by Yang Xuefei 楊雪霏 and Wang Jian 王健. From the posters, programme booklet and the performance (Yang played 2 solo pieces) it was obvious that Yan came before Wang.

The performance gave me an impression of the reverse. It was almost a solo recital by Wang Jian. Of course Wang played well, the sound volume of a guitar just can’t compete with a cello. It’s not Yang’s fault it must be something to do with the concert hall. There were 2 little speakers placed in front and behind Yang, I don’t think audience at the back of the hall enjoyed the music very well.

May be the combination of guitar and cello is only best for recording. I have vinyl albums for Paganini’s violin and guitar and 2 instruments are perfectly balanced. Niccolo Paganini was both a violist and guitarist that could also be a reason.

From 王健 bio here he plays a rare 1622 A & H Amati, graciously loaned to him by the family of the late Mr. Sau-Wing Lam. The “A & H” must be Antonio and Girolamo (Hieronymus), the sons of Andrea Amati (1511 – 1581) the first known maker of cellos according to this book.

I bought below CD before the recital. Have now listened from my phone I now believe the acoustic of the hall is partly to blame.


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