Nike+ here I come again

May 10, 2012

It was January 2011 when I last posted my run to Nike+ . Since then I have used other apps and gadgets for my runs and records are kept in RunKeeper.


Now the best running app iSmoothRun‘s export feature has added Nike+ and Garmin connect. This is great news to those who are using Garmin watches and have logged hundreds of miles in good old Nike+ website. The Garmin ANT+ stick can now be retired into drawer.


I also discovered that distances recorded in Garmin and Nike+ sites are exactly the same as in the iSmoothRun app on my iPhone. RunKeeper site shows normally a longer distance since they will recalculate GPS data sent from the app.

2 Responses to “Nike+ here I come again”

  1. Dale Says:

    I like iSmoothrun as well. However, I just realized that it does not export split data to Garmin or to Nike+ (I don’t use other sites so cannot comment). That is too bad b/c split data is nice to have.

  2. RobertUSA Says:

    I like the app, but won’t move to ismoothrun until Android / Nexus (generic google) platforms are supported. Android now supports the proper bluetooth protocol, so multi-platform support which is essential for any running app should be forthcoming.

    I’m already using an app which captures and calculates Heart Rate Variability, which is the most essential metric for serious athletes and runners who want to efficiently optimize their fitness levels, without risk of injury or injury layoff. Training is all about avoiding the setbacks of injury — Look what happened to Ryan Hall, and how long he is sidelined and how much careful recovery training is needed just to get back into the game.

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