May 5, 2012

Too many “CLOUDS” in the sky!

Recently I have tried Bitcasa which offers “infinite storage on your desktop”. I’m still trying out cubby then it came Skydrive and Google Drive.


I will not be doing a review or comparison here as there must be thousand of them out there. My gut feeling is that at the end I’ll be using Dropbox and Skydrive.

The background upload speed of these services are more or less the same, dropbox’s app is more polished as you can set sync’ing bandwidth. Both Dropbox and Skydrive have a file size limit of 300Mb if you upload via browser. For Google Drive I have tried uploading via browser a 2Gb file and the speed (Wifi) is much faster.

The list doesn’t stop here, Amazon also has it, this review says it isn’t good enough.

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