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Cello + Guitar

May 12, 2012

Was it Guitar + Cello?

I went to a recital by Yang Xuefei 楊雪霏 and Wang Jian 王健. From the posters, programme booklet and the performance (Yang played 2 solo pieces) it was obvious that Yan came before Wang.

The performance gave me an impression of the reverse. It was almost a solo recital by Wang Jian. Of course Wang played well, the sound volume of a guitar just can’t compete with a cello. It’s not Yang’s fault it must be something to do with the concert hall. There were 2 little speakers placed in front and behind Yang, I don’t think audience at the back of the hall enjoyed the music very well.

May be the combination of guitar and cello is only best for recording. I have vinyl albums for Paganini’s violin and guitar and 2 instruments are perfectly balanced. Niccolo Paganini was both a violist and guitarist that could also be a reason.

From 王健 bio here he plays a rare 1622 A & H Amati, graciously loaned to him by the family of the late Mr. Sau-Wing Lam. The “A & H” must be Antonio and Girolamo (Hieronymus), the sons of Andrea Amati (1511 – 1581) the first known maker of cellos according to this book.

I bought below CD before the recital. Have now listened from my phone I now believe the acoustic of the hall is partly to blame.


Nike+ here I come again

May 10, 2012

It was January 2011 when I last posted my run to Nike+ . Since then I have used other apps and gadgets for my runs and records are kept in RunKeeper.


Now the best running app iSmoothRun‘s export feature has added Nike+ and Garmin connect. This is great news to those who are using Garmin watches and have logged hundreds of miles in good old Nike+ website. The Garmin ANT+ stick can now be retired into drawer.


I also discovered that distances recorded in Garmin and Nike+ sites are exactly the same as in the iSmoothRun app on my iPhone. RunKeeper site shows normally a longer distance since they will recalculate GPS data sent from the app.

The Violin

May 7, 2012

With this and The Cello I now understand how a string instrument is constructed without ripping apart one of them. I wonder why knowledge about how the instrument is built isn’t taught in adult music classes.


The Violin Family, The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments


May 5, 2012

Too many “CLOUDS” in the sky!

Recently I have tried Bitcasa which offers “infinite storage on your desktop”. I’m still trying out cubby then it came Skydrive and Google Drive.


I will not be doing a review or comparison here as there must be thousand of them out there. My gut feeling is that at the end I’ll be using Dropbox and Skydrive.

The background upload speed of these services are more or less the same, dropbox’s app is more polished as you can set sync’ing bandwidth. Both Dropbox and Skydrive have a file size limit of 300Mb if you upload via browser. For Google Drive I have tried uploading via browser a 2Gb file and the speed (Wifi) is much faster.

The list doesn’t stop here, Amazon also has it, this review says it isn’t good enough.