Windows 8 Consumer Preview under Fusion 4

March 17, 2012

I have tried the developer preview last September it wasn’t impressive enough, Windows 7 was still best choice at work.

I gave it another try when the Consumer preview was available couple of weeks ago.

There are couple of observations so far

  • Windows 8 appears to need less RAM, in my case I assigned 2,112MB for it whereas for Windows 7 I assigned 3,800MB.    The Lion on the left feels happier.
  • I was unable to add virtual HD to the Windows 8 installation, VMWare must be hard at work?
  • Shutting down Windows 8 was hard initially as they ditched the “START” button, I either logout of my account first or point cursor to right hand bottom hot corner, click “SETTING” then “POWER”, total of 4 clicks to leave my Windows.   BTW, Ctrl-Alt-Del is always there for me.    You can also create your own App just for shutdown.
  • The new “TASK MANAGER” looks gorgeous, but why MS isn’t giving us new look for everything else?
    Screen Shot 2012-03-17 at 10.04.25 AM
  • Since there isn’t a familiar “START” button I have to create shortcut for location like “MY COMPUTER” on desktop. “MY COMPUTER” is an App, sort of, I’ll have to go to the Metro interface and click that … that’s too many clicks for a desktop environment.   Once I know how, adding an App for network drives/folders and program/application isn’t that difficult.    Alternative way is to pin “DESKTOP” to Explorer, click “DESKTOP” then you’ll see “MY COMPUTER”, “CONTROL PANEL”, “NETWORK” and “LIBRARIES” there even though these System Folders aren’t actually on your Desktop.
  • Copying large files is still a bit slow to me but you have new eye candy like a floating average transfer rate line and graphics to enjoy while you wait.
    Screen Shot 2012-03-17 at 10.09.43 AM

I still don’t see why I need the Metro UI for a desktop environment?   Please let me have a flip switch to turn Metro UI off completely.

At the moment the built-in search also doesn’t work on my Outlook emails.

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