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I don’t need so many contacts

March 29, 2012

I was testing a free beta cobook – the smart Address Book app for Mac. It helps you if you are really a social animal. It pulls your contacts from your favorite social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Voice and place them with your contacts in the Mac Address Book. The app gives contact information of your friends as soon as you type.

I connected to my accounts in Facebook and LinkedIn, I regretted later on.

On my iPhone I use contacts from my gmail account, not iCloud. For some reasons that I don’t know I already have some contacts in the Address Book of my Mac as well as in my iCloud account. Since I never used my Address Book app on my Mac I took a look at the preference.


How great, I could also pull in contacts from Google account, let me do that as well, harmless right?

What I ended up was thousands of contact from various places and there were lots of duplicates and contact information of hundreds of people that I don’t need in my Mac. Thanks for the genius in Google, if I follow someone on Google plus the name and Google plus profile of that person are automatically added to my Gmail contacts. I didn’t ask for that but I wasn’t offered a choice! I don’t actually need that on my Mac!

Lucky that I didn’t sync cobook with my Twitter account or else I’ll have 150 more contact information of people that I will never make contact with.

My next regret was turning on Contacts for my iCloud account on my iPhone. The allows iCould to sync contacts with my other i-devices such as Address Book on my Mac. My iPhone was flooded with names that I don’t need.


The above is the preference of Address Book which I could select what to show, either iCloud or “On my Mac”, Apple design is always very intuitive but I just can’t get this. Once the Address Book on the Mac is sync’ed with iCloud why do I need a separate display for those contact “On my Mac”? Isn’t that everyone wants one set of contacts to be available in all their i-devices?

I ended up dropping cobook into AppCleaner, removed hundreds of duplicate contacts and names/email address/ profile of those people that I followed.

A bit of statistic at the end, after the cleanup I have about 800 contacts, about a hundred are restaurent names, 70% others are those people that have either left the industry that I’m in, retired, left town or dead. For old time sake those names remained in my contacts.

Now I realize I only need about a hundred contacts. By the way I could prioritize OSX’s spotlight to search names in Address Book so I don’t need any new app just for contacts.

Contacts, useful ones, I don’t need many!

Garmin 410 repaired

March 27, 2012

The dead Garmin has been repaired. It took a bit too long, for HK$750 it’s a lot cheaper than buying a new one.

The pairing with footpod and HRM was done easily, I didn’t have to rescan devices. The “data fields” I set were still there so I thought all my custom settings were intact when the faulty battery was replaced.


I took it for a spin this morning and stopped purposely at 5k just to check distance accuracy and the auto pause feature, it turned out that auto pause wasn’t enabled.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview under Fusion 4

March 17, 2012

I have tried the developer preview last September it wasn’t impressive enough, Windows 7 was still best choice at work.

I gave it another try when the Consumer preview was available couple of weeks ago.

There are couple of observations so far

  • Windows 8 appears to need less RAM, in my case I assigned 2,112MB for it whereas for Windows 7 I assigned 3,800MB.    The Lion on the left feels happier.
  • I was unable to add virtual HD to the Windows 8 installation, VMWare must be hard at work?
  • Shutting down Windows 8 was hard initially as they ditched the “START” button, I either logout of my account first or point cursor to right hand bottom hot corner, click “SETTING” then “POWER”, total of 4 clicks to leave my Windows.   BTW, Ctrl-Alt-Del is always there for me.    You can also create your own App just for shutdown.
  • The new “TASK MANAGER” looks gorgeous, but why MS isn’t giving us new look for everything else?
    Screen Shot 2012-03-17 at 10.04.25 AM
  • Since there isn’t a familiar “START” button I have to create shortcut for location like “MY COMPUTER” on desktop. “MY COMPUTER” is an App, sort of, I’ll have to go to the Metro interface and click that … that’s too many clicks for a desktop environment.   Once I know how, adding an App for network drives/folders and program/application isn’t that difficult.    Alternative way is to pin “DESKTOP” to Explorer, click “DESKTOP” then you’ll see “MY COMPUTER”, “CONTROL PANEL”, “NETWORK” and “LIBRARIES” there even though these System Folders aren’t actually on your Desktop.
  • Copying large files is still a bit slow to me but you have new eye candy like a floating average transfer rate line and graphics to enjoy while you wait.
    Screen Shot 2012-03-17 at 10.09.43 AM

I still don’t see why I need the Metro UI for a desktop environment?   Please let me have a flip switch to turn Metro UI off completely.

At the moment the built-in search also doesn’t work on my Outlook emails.


March 14, 2012

“what are you reading?”

I’m reading Nothing.

“if you are reading nothing you aren’t reading!”

I’m reading something about “NOTHING”!

“How can ‘NOTHING’ be interesting at all?”

NOTHING is really interesting because it’s about everything you don’t know and things that you think you know but in fact you know practically nothing about.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, you better not waste time on NOTHING”.