Bluetooth stereo earphone

February 3, 2012

This may be my second or third BT earphone I purchased for my mobile phones. This is the first stereo one. I never use earlier ones for music and I don’t like talking on phones so most of them retired within mouths.

This BH-111 works OK on my ears for music. I’m not an audiophile. I can’t say the in-ear phones (using the smallest buds) are comfortable, I would say if I’m not walking (my steps echo back to my ears) it’s tolerable. However I’m not used to the feeling that ambient noise is completely cut off from my sensory system.

Nokia BH-111

There are other colors available elsewhere but the store I went to has only black or blue.

I have yet to see how good the battery is (7 hours talk, 6 hours music and 120 hours standby) which is a crucial consideration as I don’t want to carry the charger with me. It would be a lot better if it can be charged by a USB port.

One downside, too bad, it doesn’t pair with my MBP.

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