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February 25, 2012

不是第一次,只是第一次在香港吧。 近來有點懶這個跑了已三星期還未寫, 先看相先。



照片 3

上線了, 最後用了 3 分 28 秒才過了起點線, 台北的那一次我離起跑線只是 13 秒。

Screen Shot 2012-02-05 at 2.59.16 PM

因我的 Garmin 死了 所以我只用了iPhone上的 iSmoothRun App, 上載到 RunKeeper 後距離是 24.72km, 放大地圖一看原來是進入銅鑼灣時高樓大廈做成了偏差, 奇怪的是手机上顯示 21.77km, app 的準確性是不錯的。

賽後感覺和我想像的差不多,就是人太多了,路不夠闊,注意力都放在身邊跑手,小心碰撞為上。有點後悔選了 9:30 這個時間,因氣溫低一點 5:30 起跑的, 成績可能會好些。

感覺上台北那些跑手比我快很多, 在 10km 前只有不斷被人超過, 我前面不愁沒有空間。 台北時間是 2:17:16,香港這個時間 2:22:54 實在太差勁了。

Bluetooth stereo earphone

February 3, 2012

This may be my second or third BT earphone I purchased for my mobile phones. This is the first stereo one. I never use earlier ones for music and I don’t like talking on phones so most of them retired within mouths.

This BH-111 works OK on my ears for music. I’m not an audiophile. I can’t say the in-ear phones (using the smallest buds) are comfortable, I would say if I’m not walking (my steps echo back to my ears) it’s tolerable. However I’m not used to the feeling that ambient noise is completely cut off from my sensory system.

Nokia BH-111

There are other colors available elsewhere but the store I went to has only black or blue.

I have yet to see how good the battery is (7 hours talk, 6 hours music and 120 hours standby) which is a crucial consideration as I don’t want to carry the charger with me. It would be a lot better if it can be charged by a USB port.

One downside, too bad, it doesn’t pair with my MBP.