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Plover Cove again

January 19, 2012

Last run here was 6 months ago. The weather was the same, i.e. about to rain cloudy with high humidity. We were lucky to have set off pretty early in the morning a race was just started when we returned to our starting point.

It’s still a beautiful place even without sunshine, no len effect was used

This isn’t a black/white photo

Very calm early in the morning

It’s like painting of the Chinese style

A rare photo, not just because 4 of us were there, we ran together!

My Garmin 410 is dead

January 7, 2012

This watch is 370 days old. It failed to charge after my Taipei half marathon on 18th December. It took about 10 minustes from 0% to 100% charged but when it’s removed from charger it keeps rebooting itself until the battery is completely drained.

I’ll have to take it to local agent for service.

BT Sports headset

January 5, 2012

This is crap!

I have been using Philips cheap wired sports headset for 16 months now and I’m still happy with it. Too bad the buds have done during a recent trip to Taiwan. During the X’mas break I decided on this present for myself.

To my disappointment this expensive one failed completely on these counts

  • even the smallest buds don’t fit my canal
  • sound volume insufficient even if buds are forced into my canal
  • sound quality is terrible

The replacement buds for the old headset are the most expensive ones ever!

2011 Workout account

January 3, 2012

2011 is behind us, let me have a look at how I did during the year. A friend of mine told me how long he took from couch to 10k, half marathon then full marathon. I then plotted below to have a look at how I did it.

Screen Shot 2012-01-01 at 1.40.31 PM

Annual total
2008: 81k (2 months)
2009: 451k
2010: 559k
2011: 1,104k

The total from Garmin (run only, walk/hike excluded)
Screen Shot 2011-12-31 at 11.14.33 AM

Some statistics from RunKeeper for 2011
Screen Shot 2011-12-31 at 11.16.26 AM

At first I focused at my progress in reaching heights in the chart, i.e. longer distances, later I found it interesting at the low end of the trend, i.e. I haven’t done much shorter distances. I would say I was getting very lazy, i.e. unless I could spare an hour or so I didn’t bother to go out for a 30 minutes workout. Since I like this beautiful route so much the journey in a car there requires 30 minutes I just wouldn’t workout for 30 minutes and drive back.

From X’mas day to 2nd January I ran every other day and have done 64.5k I find first 3k to be the hardest, once I got over that I wouldn’t feel the tiredness and could at least do 10k.

Can I run a full marathon, it’s hard to predict!

PS: rewind back a year I started 2011 as my Happy Half Marathon Year!