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Bride’s Pool Road

November 26, 2011

Where we started along 新娘潭路

__ 1

Fishing ponds, empty, too early in the morning

__ 4

Near Luk Keng (鹿頸)


Same spot but looking towards Yantian (鹽田) I can see the buildings on the mainland.


Enough for today so we turn back from here


My friend and I felt the same difference between driving along this road and running. In a car we were merely driver and hardly had the chance looking around. This morning there were more cyclists than runners on the road plus a few Porsche screaming. The mild slope is also good for muscle training.

We surely will not run here Sunday morning as this place is famous for luxury toy, such as Porsche Ferrari Lamborghini, display.


November 13, 2011

Charity walk at Tai Tam today, 1,600 people eagerly waiting for it to start.


I started the app iSmoothRun before entering the stage area, I stood still, walked around, shot photos, waited and have forgotten about it. It worked well at the end. The app was turned on for 2:41:35 in fact we did only 4.12k in 1:00:04.


Shek O

November 6, 2011

Quite hot standing under the sun today.


Do this now, hope you don’t have to do this 10 years from now!