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Fusion 4 and Windows 8 Preview

September 25, 2011

Just spent $49.9 for VMWare Fusion 4, have been using Fusion 3 for nearly 2 years I have no doubt on the new version.

One of the reasons to upgrade to Fusion 4 is that it works, without hacking, with the new Windows 8 Developer Preview just released following BUILD 2011.

The installation was pretty quick about 15 minutes however there was no excitement whatsoever except that at the end it was quite annoying if you try to configure login using your Windows Live credential.

I have briefly read a few articles about Windows 8 and most of them are positive. I expected to get lost as this new version was supposed to have been designed from ground up. I thought it will be fun getting lost or not being able to do or find certain things. If it’s nicely designed and user friendly that sort of first time frustration will turn into wow factors, to my disappointment, I found none!

It’s just a Windows 7 facelift.


September 17, 2011



如果你可以把一生跳到最後,化成 23 秒給你回顧,你還會坐着浪費時間去後悔嗎?


看完上面那片以後心中便把最近讀了的這個連在一起。它裏面說的(如果用中文寫可以很禪的幾行便成)大部份我都認同,招數也經常有用到。到底是不斷提醒自己,錯完定會再錯(除非已到 23秒),坐著後悔一定是最錯。

其中一招 G (Laugh) 實在有用例子有淚在眼角流又或者 J (Stop being brainwashed) 就是我常掛在口邊的Theory of The Opposite

作者把一生化成賽跑,到終點,跑完了,過去數十年腦間只幾十秒, 應否跑慢點看看風景?

A Better World?

September 12, 2011

Bank notes from 1955 side by side with those from our wallet.

Are we in a better world?

Hold on to your own data, now you know why

September 6, 2011

I quite like Nike+ when I first use it couple of years back. It was easy, just grab your shoes with the sensor inside and iPod Touch, hit the road and run. The Nike+ site wasn’t that impressive then it was slow and best illustration of why Mr Jobs didn’t like Flash.

A while ago after Nike+ launched the Nike+ GPS app for iPhone I thought their site will be rewritten to run on HTML 5 soon, they haven’t yet for some reasons! As Tim Cook of Apple sits on Nike’s Board they must have a plan right? As a user I want to see my charts, graphs, stats, splits …. I want everything in my most expensive Apple gadget I paid for.

I later turned to iPhone app such as RunKeeper and recently a even better app iSmoothRun which allows me to own my data in my hand.

According to this post:

Jayme Martin, VP and GM of Nike Running, has emailed a letter to Nike+ users, apologizing for the platform’s performance over the past few months. He says that Nike is aware of a number of issues that have been affecting its users, including problems logging in, syncing devices, sharing runs and editing profiles.

“Just like you, we hold ourselves to incredibly high standards,” writes Martin, “and right now Nike+ isn’t living up to them.”

I’m still a Nike+ user but I didn’t get this email.