What else do I want from this app?

August 3, 2011

The iPhone is my little running computer, I like the idea of owning my data in it. It’s so handy at times to tease a friend by showing him/her my logs. Don’t laugh, I’m still working on my weight!


The pace and heart rate cues I hear are average figures for the most recent lap (I picked per distance 400m), now with “Workout Ave Pace” I know how I was doing overall. I turn off “Cadence” as I’m still wearing the expensive Garmin 410.


There are a couple more new features I noticed. This “Heart Rate Zone Change” feature is important to me since I have used miCoach before. One of miCoach’s killer features was heart rate zone training. I just feel great seeing a high score after each run knowing that I ran within the zone I targeted. The app shows me in the log what percentage of time I ran in a zone now in real time it’ll tell me when I cross zone boundary, i.e. I may be trying too hard or too relaxed.

I also turned off the “Units in messages” to get cues out of the way as quickly as possible.


The app uploads automatically to Daily Mile for me and I manually upload GPX file to RunKeeper. RunKeeper, for some reasons, won’t show heart rate data if I let iSmoothRun to upload directly to it.


What else do I want from this app? Yes, another one, let me have my data on every Apple gadget. I wish my data on my iPhone is sync’ed with the iCloud server and a companion app is available on my iPad such that I could view my logs, make changes to setting, schedule a run and view runs by my friends there.


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