Plover Cove

July 2, 2011

It rained all days last week, so we thought no matter what we shall run. Plover Cove is on the list of reservoirs that I haven’t yet ran. I haven’t walked there perhaps for ten years plus.

Once parked we took a few pictures from the popular barbecue site.


The actual scene isn’t as bright as you can see below, thanks to iPhone’s HDR shooting below looks better.


This is a popular cycling site as well everyone has to push their bicycle up this short road up.


This is a 2.2km long dam, perhaps longest amongst reservoirs here.


Helipad at both ends of the dam


This is the shorter dam, it must have been refurbished in recent years.


We can’t run any further after the second dam, the Tolo Harbour looks beautiful.


Looking from the dam towards the reservoir side.


The second dam looking from the other end.


We did only 7.2k it started raining as soon as we started off and it was pretty heavy midway. It was a good wet test for my Garmin and the iPhone (in the pouch).

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