If you run in the city

June 7, 2011

You better use a running app rather than a GPS sports watch, here is why.

I used iSmoothRun and uploaded the GPX file to RunKeeper the map looks like this.


My Garmin 410 gave me this on a Bing map


On my phone iSmoothRun gave 8.75k, once it’s uploaded to RunKeeper it became 9.01k. Garmin gave me 8.11k only. Bing map is known to be incomplete and inaccurate in the rural area but it should be alright in the city. Zooming into the map I can tell accuracy of the Garmin/Bing combination is not acceptable. Was this due to the high rise buildings along both sides of the road or Garmin used less tracking points than iSmoothRun? I really don’t know. Running app like iSmoothRun uses a-GPS which is certainly better if you run in the city.

I stopped and turned back here. If I had money in my pouch I would have taken a taxi back.

I have yet to figure out best route to cross Cotton Tree Drive. On my way back I got onto the wrong road and had to walk my way up stairs.

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