High Island

May 24, 2011

Our last run to the East Dam of High Island reservoir was 6 months ago. Our plan this time was too ambitious and we didn’t plan well. Maclehose Trail Section 1 and 2 together aren’t easy the biggest mistake we have made was that we could only hike slowly at Section 2. We didn’t even bring food and thought we could be home for lunch.

I forgot to picture this last time

Was this signboard here 6 months ago?

Walked along the cliff, wow …. white beach. This is the famous Long Ke Beach.

Descending to the beach, a closer look.

Can we swim? No, we got no time! There were some people camping there, reminded me of old days.

There I was.

With the beautiful beach behind us it came the famous tough climb of 315m. Garmin’s elevation reading proved to be very accurate. The view along the climb was stunning but the road is a bit rough, rocky and could be very slippery if it’s wet. The sun was hiding that morning or else our skins would be roasted to crispy dark. I think the government should improve the condition of the road. There is also a sign warning people of heat stroke at the start of this climb.

Section 2 goes all the way along the beaches.

Well we didn’t plan this but never mind a late breakfast at almost lunch time.

The beach wasn’t that busy in the morning and all the people welcomed their visit with a little new born in the herd.

For whatever reasons I didn’t know the iSmoothRun app failed to start so I lost about 1.1k at the front. The default setting for auto pause is 10 seconds due to that I kept getting annoying repeated cues of “auto paused ~ resumed” while I climbed. My cadence was only about 20~30 hence the app thought I wasn’t running.

Below is iSmoothRun GPX import to RunKeeper.


Due to the lousy inaccurate Bing map I imported the GPX file from Garmin to RunKeeper.


We filled our stomach, so relaxed and felt no more motivation to continue on Section 2. We walked to the road for a taxi back to where we have started. If we had continue running or walking for another 6.5k instead of taking a taxi we could have done a complete round trip of the reservoir. We were very lucky as thunder storm hit us while I was on the way home.


The stats for this hikerun:
Garmin moving time 3:06:42, 18.53k on Bing map
Garmin GPX on RunKeeper’s Google map, time 3:20:17, 17.83k
iSmoothRun, time 3:08, 17.2k (corrected)

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