Disneyland, other side of the gate

May 7, 2011

The plan was to run to the Disneyland pier and the Inspiration Lake where we can rest or perhaps buy a drink there. I designed the route in RunKeeper and found that the round trip is just over 10k, quite easily we arrived at the pier.


forgot to turn on the HDR so photo (now touched up) doesn’t look too good

I haven’t been to any of these hotels here, it looks nice from the outside. We spotted the waterfront road so we said why not a detour again!


We got to a gate with security guard he let us through and said the road should lead us back to the lake.

It’s nice isn’t it, road is far away and there was nobody there!



Climb the stairs then we got back to the main road

We again missed the Inspiration lake that we intended to visit. On a map the route looks like this, below is the bad example of Bing map. You know why the running community around the world hates Bing map. See that Disneyland in Hong Kong is labelled “Discovery Bay” and that part of the Lantau Island is called “Tsuen Wan”.



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