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May 31, 2011

I had a pretty good start January this year. On a typical Sunday I could do at least 10k and on a “short week” Saturday I could do up to 15k or more depending on the new route we plan to explore.

May is a good month, I exceeded 100k which is a new milestone!


Heart rate spikes during run bothered me for a while. I trusted the electronic gadgets I bought and the near 35 years old technology. In fact there are all sort of issues that may affect the accuracy of such devices.

Last Sunday it was pretty hot and humid early in the morning before 8am, I have my HRM put on and Garmin activated in workout mode. I was just talking to my friend while waiting for my brother to be ready. Wow a quick glance at my Garmin I noticed heart rate of over 200, that can’t be right. It turned out that HRM transmits signal doesn’t mean reading is accurate. My HRM was detectable by the Garmin as my skin was “wet” at that temperature however reading was in error because my skin wasn’t “wet enough”.

So I decided to ignore that, said what the hell, if the gadget is broken I don’t want to spoil the morning run due to that. In fact I have already tighten up the belt a bit that morning.

Below graphs show how unreliable this gadget can be. It took as much as 500m+ to get the conductivity right at the electrodes.


So the learning is: feel your body don’t trust the electronics those are for fun only!

Goodbye Factory

May 30, 2011

I retired my MacBook Pro for home use so I have photos in differnt gadgets also in the different iPhone and the cloud.   It was a shock when I saw date of below photo was taken March 2015.   Once it’s on Flickr EXIF data shows the correct date of 30 May 2011.

Fixed line again

May 28, 2011

I determined to find something more rewarding to do 3 years ago so I terminated the fixed line broadband service at home. I used a wireless router instead. I was still learning to manage my own VPS at that time.

Now I have better things like cello practice to do getting online just isn’t attractive anymore, further, this summer I plan to run as soon as the sun comes out on weekdays.

In fact I have been waiting for this provider to cover the building I’m in. Installation is now done I’m their first customer in this building.

Just installed and tested this model DIR-618 wireless router.

How about speed, via the router to my MBP

Screen shot 2011-05-19 at 8.29.22 PM

at my phone


They guarantee a speed of 100 Mbps which is for a wired connection to their fiber modem.

Music playing will never be the same again

May 26, 2011

I played a bit of folk guitar and put lots of effort on classical guitar when I was young. My guitars are still sleeping “with” me at night.

My folk guitar wasn’t a cheap one but I don’t see this brand anymore in shops. It was a huge investment for our brothers at the time. Our dream was however an Ovation guitar something only rich guys can afford. An Ovation has a round back and it’s so distinguishable to the girls. Once my younger brother borrowed one from a friend so I carried that (with a heavy hard case) wherever I go, even hiking and camping, I can’t image anyone would carry a musical instrument in a hard case to country park these days.

We saw people camping when we passed by Long Ke Beach the other day. I wonder what the teenagers do while camping these days at a place where there is no 3G reception. Perhaps they could play computer games, chess, counting stars, debate philosophical conjectures? May be they don’t need to bring any instruments in a hard case and jam a few songs using iPad?

Whether you have studied or played any instruments you have to watch the video below. Learning to play an instrument (the goal is the same: make good music isn’t it?) will never be the same in 21st century.

Turn your speakers on loud, enjoy!