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Sunny Bay on a sunny day

April 9, 2011

We planned to run from “Inspiration Lake” to Disney hotels at the waterfront, we were too early, the parking opens from 9am. We then parked at Sunny Bay and explored a service road along the Airport Express track. Road traffic was far away and express train was infrequent at that time of the day. On a sunny day the view was fabulous!

We later returned to the “Inspiration Lake” parking, for $25 per hour we’ll not park there next time we run. We’ll run again before the sun is too hot in summer.

First we ran towards the airport

A little village on the other side of the Sunny Bay

There were hundreds of logs floating on the sea and I once walked above them, that was long time ago!

The pier

Came out from the village this is as far as we can go towards the airport

Running towards Tsing Yi, there is a MTR site which stopped us from running further


April 7, 2011

那個機頂盒拿回了, 如我所料, 是我的問題。

我: “為什麼新的已經有格仔?”
他們: “新的型號是會有 bug 的, 你應更新 firmware”
我: “為什麼我放入一個 $299 的會沒事?”
他們: “因為平的只收一個台的訊號, 我們的有雙 tuner 所以要有好的數碼天線”。

那些 “更新 firmware” 和 “數碼天線” 的說法, 說明書裏的 “Trouble Shooting” 及 “常見問題” 是完全沒有的。

還好當天放假, 到科學園一遊。

Tai Tam Reservoir

April 3, 2011

The weather was nice this morning so we went for a walk at the Tai Tam Reservoir.





Before the reservoir walk I did a 11k run along Castle Peak Road, Garmin’s HRM gave me the usual HR spikes. Look back at records I think cold weather with less sweat is probably better for Garmin. May be I should go back to miCoach HRM for a few runs to further confirm my findings. I really should ignore HR spikes when I’m running since as long as high readings don’t sustain it must be the HRM not my heart. Heart rate just won’t slow down quickly, erratic signal will.