Shing Mun Reservoir

April 18, 2011

Again we didn’t do what we have planned to do.

The reservoir loop along the catchment is around 7k so we thought may be we explore the catchment road on the left then come back for the loop. 7k isn’t normally enough for weekend run.


It was a misty morning with high relative humidity, the reservoir looked like this

Flower and tree lined catchment road

View could be a lot nicer if the sun was at work

Originally we planned to go back from here, 900 steps down this staircase takes you to public road in Tsuen Wan

We decided to run to the end along that direction, we turned back from here

On the way back to the car, a photo-stop for this

If we ran the reservoir loop we would have passed through this dam

A dam much older than me

We’ll certainly return for another run. I should also have a dry T-shirt and brought water.

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