Tai Lam Chung

March 24, 2011

Today we didn’t run the route we intended but I had 2 successful experiments done. I saw a few questions in RunKeeper user forum about what if mobile network isn’t available would GPS still work? This is found to be affirmative, i.e. GPS works fine even if you don’t have mobile network reception. The downside is battery drains faster.

The next finding is about my HR spike that’s covered at the end of this entry.

From the starting point looking up to the dam


Let’s check out the map, that didn’t work, we made a few wrong turns still


The dam from another angle, almost level up with it


It’s older than me


A closer look


Water at last


With a few wrong turns this is what we ended up with, no tarmac road


There was no signal for my carrier even Google map didn’t work, more than once RunKeeper’s GPS came to rescue. We should have brought a paper map.


The Bing map on Garmin is hopeless


The Google map in RunKeeper Pro


Today I think I discovered what caused HR spike. I have lots of photo stops today and deliberation for direction and humidity is only moderate. My sweat under the chestbelt dried up and I felt the salt crystal on my skin. I saw the peak of 199 while I wasn’t on load at all, in fact I was descending on a moderate slope. The way I cured that was to use my shirt to clean the contacts and removed the salt crystal from my skin.


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