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February is even better

February 28, 2011

We started off from Ma On Shan Promenade yesterday the plan was to do 15k.

We got to Science park, it was only 7k and had to stop there because “Walk for Millions” was ongoing there.

The weather was pretty warm and humid as you can see from picture below

Our starting point was at the end of this beautiful promenade.

I thought January was good February will be gone in a few hours and I’m glad that this month is even better.

No of runs: 12
Average distance per run: 6.91k
Total distance: 82.87k
Longest run: 13.96k (January = 19.96k) Garmin records.

Considering this is February and there was Chinese New Year holidays I have done more than any other months in 2010 (best month October 76.09k) and equalled my monthly workout frequency (12 times in August 2010 but covered only 52.15k).

Is this sustainable? I really hope so as my bunion problem is now over.

Boring Etudes

February 23, 2011

Group-mates all said these etudes are boring but I quite like them. Boring stuff, by TOTO, must be good. It’s kind of like long distance running it’s boring but there’s exactly where you can find the joy.

Too bad there isn’t demo CD for it. This is book 1 of 4, even for book 4 this is still considered elementary stuff so I guess there is no market for a CD.

Percy Such (b. 1878), English cellist, perhaps should have made recording using “Edison Disc” at the turn of the century.

Luckily I have this CD by Janos Starker for some pretty hard (to me) etudes.



February 17, 2011

上班一族一般無論有多忙也要在 “快樂時光” 吹吹水,我說的不是那些有目的 (聯誼,談生意,談合作)的吹水。通常是無聊,無目的,無特定主題地和真正老友們一起的都是吹水。吹水時你說你多辛苦, 他說他有多不滿, 我又說我想這樣那樣,酒盡了可樂也喝過了,一切當沒有說過。


有時也會 “痛投意合” 那麼呻吟便有意義了。


無病呻吟最好就是用吹水形式,大家都放放氣,聽的不要放在心上,呻吟的也不可太興奮,能體會明白的不會太多。無論你生命有多滿 (不是滿意的滿), 你的 “Jar” 總會容得下一些飲料,水進去了氣便會排出。


我想會無病呻吟的都是有要求的人,即心中的那團火還在(我這年紀還未 “化” 的十分難得), 對自己及身邊的人都是,對自己不滿意或對周邊的人和事不滿意便要發聲。

有些人可能認為什麼都要感恩, 不要強求, 這當然沒錯, 但吹吹水放放氣會有機會被老友們當頭捧喝,進 “化” 一點, 也不錯吧。

最後 (阿仔的漫畫看到的) 還有一種就是在快餐店要一杯沸水,因太熱要向水面吹,那便可和街坊老友‪們細‬說從前, 慢慢說, 慢慢喝。

Exam pieces

February 11, 2011

It turned out that we can’t choose (18 Nos, 3 lists) what we like to play for the exam. One of the four given pieces is in below which isn’t available in Hong Kong, this will cost me $340 from Amazon UK.

Other given pieces are in below book