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RunKeeper is even better now

January 13, 2011

Apple is always ahead, Nike isn’t. It is disappointing to see Nike, with a partnership with Apple for 5 years, isn’t as innovative as Apple.

I switched to iPhone 4 last July and it was disappointing to see Nike+ app for iOS isn’t updated to support heart rate monitoring. Nike+ indeed offers a Polar chest belt but that is for 5th Gen iPod nano only, would you buy another gadget if you already owned an iPhone. I just can’t understand why other iOS devices aren’t supported.

Using GPS to track distance and route is very popular now as everyone has a phone and those so called smartphone with GPS built-in is so popular now. Also I found earlier that ANT+ dongle is in fact not that expensive (comparing to a Garmin watch) making communication between iPhone with training peripherals such as HR monitor and stride sensors etc very easy.

This dongle costs $79.99 which I would have impulsively purchased if I hadn’t bought Garmin 410 for $415. RunKeeper is even better now with HR monitor support via a Wahoo ANT+ dongle for iPhone.

This Nike+ TomTom late comer isn’t attractive at all (not available in this part of the world until 6 months later) firstly it won’t be cheap (upto $299), transmission of data isn’t done wirelessly (via USB flip out from the watch) secondly it doesn’t give voice cues lastly it doesn’t work with Nike’s app for iPhone.

RunKeeper is best

January 9, 2011

Well at least along Bowen Trail RunKeeper pro is most accurate.


Today I started from the first milestone and returned to the start using both Garmin and Nike+ app at the same time. After that I walked 4k from the first milestone to the Central end using RunKeeper Pro app for iPhone.

Towards Central:
Garmin 410: 3.75k
Nike+: 3.95k
RunKeeper Pro: 4.04k

Garmin 410: 3.78k
Nike+: 3.61

I think A-GPS is probably best in the city and Garmin should do better in open air route. Notice also from the map above how close my track was on the route, I just can’t understand why Nike+ GPS is so lousy on the same phone and platform.

Wrong, wrong and again wrong shoes

January 5, 2011

My first pair of running shoes was of Adidas (US 9-1/2, UK 9) I learned brisk walking and a bit of running with it. Later I got a pair of Nike+ (US 8, UK 7) which was quite good and my feet had no complaint except when I ran longer distances (10k+). My left foot little toe wasn’t too happy obviously the cutting was narrower for my toes. Then I have below Adidas Supernova Riot 3M (US 8, UK 7-1/2) which has more width (my little toe stopped complaining then).


However after this run I found my second toe suffered from bruise after running downhill, so I bought another Adidas of UK size 8 assuming that the design is more or less the same so a bit more room at the front would be alright.

Wrong again, since my left foot’s “inner big toe mound” is bigger than my right foot) I can’t even walk out of the door after trying it at home. It turns out that shoe lace design is also important.

This is like other things in life don’t be afraid of making mistakes just keep trying.

Happy Half Marathon Year

January 2, 2011

At new year celebration naturally people look at what they have achieved, below from my page in Nike+

Screen shot 2011-01-02 at 1.20.22 PM

I didn’t set any goal but it turned out that I have done some 24% more km than 2009 so I am happy with it.

For record sake I achieved 10k sometime before my birthday in 2009, passed the 15k mark about 2 months ago and should have done about 20k at the recent High Island reservoir run.

Today I deliberately wanted to do at least half marathon of 21.6k however how do I know I have done that distance? Well Bowen Trail is 4k long and there are milestones every 500m, I have to assume milestones there are trustworthy. I got myself an armband for my iPhone I wish the Nike+ GPS app works better on my arm than in the waist pouch.

Here are records:
Nike+ GPS app gave 23.2k
Garmin 410 gave 19.96k

None of the above is right since I have done 5 laps of Bowen Trail which is 20k plus a short length of at least 1.4 from the starting point to Bowen Trail so total distance should be around 21.4k. I further analyzed Garmin’s map and found that distances for 3 laps towards Central are 3.69, 3.8 and 3.8 and distances for the return lap are 3.61 and 3.6. The only explanation is that since hill is on one side of the trail therefore accuracy of GPS is affected somehow. This phenomenon is also confirmed by a similar 10k run (2 laps in Bowen Trail) which showed 3.84k for a lap towards Central.

Nike+ GPS app is very disappointing this time, I should have checked location using Google map first before starting it. It turned out from Nike+ map that even the starting point is miles away from the actual location.